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Lace (1984)

“Which one of you bitches is my mother?” With the exception of Kunte Kinte naming of himself in “Roots,” and I think that’s a distant second, the above line is THE most famous and well-known piece of dialogue to come from an American miniseries.  Ah, “Lace.”  “Lace” itself seems to have burrowed into the collective minds of […]

Harem (1986)

Here we have the bodice-ripper on view, a romance novel on TV.  Or at least that what the title and locale would lead one to expect.  Owing a lot to “The Sheik,” some 60+ years old by the time “Harem” was made, both long out of fashion and not a very good movie itself, there’s […]

Family of Spies (1990)

Not a costume drama, not a story of the rich and famous, not a saga, and not filled with a parade of stars, “Family of Spies” is something of a miniseries step-child.  It’s a true story about a naval officer who decided to make more money spying and tangled his family in the treacherous web.  […]

The First Olympics Athens 1896 (1984)

I cannot imagine having “The First Olympics Athens 1896” air in May of 1984 was an accident, considering the United States was about to handle the Summer Olympics, free of the Communist bloc, no less.  However, this rah-rah sports epic is actually more than just a “go team” effort.  Cast beautifully and expertly delivered, it’s […]

Mistral’s Daughter (1984)

Okay, folks.  I’m doing our first foray into the world of Judith Krantz.  Let’s all hold hands and jump together.  We’ll need each other’s strength.  Judith herself introduces the novel, proving how big a literary sensation she was (and getting a chance within five seconds to list her other books).  “The place is Paris.  The […]

Onassis: The Richest Man in the World (1988)

Because the miniseries movement made a virtual sub-genre about anything having to do with the Kennedys, naturally it got around to Ari Onassis, though he was certain a dramatic larger-than-life figure of his own, perfect dramatic fodder for the personalities the miniseries celebrated.  He appears in nearly all of the Kennedy miniseries and had at […]

The Bunker (1981)

Since the miniseries is obsessed with anything related to World War II, Adolf Hitler pops up a lot.  In “The Bunker,” he pops up to be played by Anthony Hopkins, who won an Emmy for his work, taking on one of the craziest roles of his career (his actual career, not the crap he churned out after […]

The Users (1978)

Here’s a miniseries so bad even the laughter it evokes from being stupid end after a while and leave us with a whole bunch of hammy actors running around Hollywood with seemingly no purpose.  With a title like “The Users,” and a story set in Hollywood, all one can do is sit back and watch […]

Guyana Tragedy: The Story of Jim Jones (1980)

In the history of American cults, Jim Jones and the People’s Temple tragedy are unlikely ever to be forgotten, despite the decades that have passed since everyone drank the Kool-Aid.  The true story is so outlandish that it’s ideal for a screen representation.  The atrocities speak for themselves, but one thing made Guyana stand out […]

Captains and the Kings (1976)

If you want, you can look at “Captains and the Kings” as a very thinly-veiled miniseries about the Kennedys, but that’s undermining the quality of the piece.  It makes it sound cheap and tawdry, like the actual Kennedy miniseries (all 403 of them).  Sure, the hero is an Irish immigrant who scrapes his way to […]