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A Woman Scorned: The Betty Broderick Story AND Her Final Fury: Betty Broderick, The Last Chapter (1992)

That’s right folks, a double-header!  You can’t watch one without the other, so put together, these two make a miniseries.  Plus, it has to be in the top ten most played on the Lifetime network (if only Tori Spelling had made a sequel to “Mother May I Sleep With Danger?” we could be talking about […]

Ivanhoe (1982)

When all else fails, raid the classics!  “Ivanhoe,” by Sir Walter Scott, has been filmed more than a few times before 1982, but the 1970s and 1980s found a flourishing trade in filmed classics, particularly a slew of Dumas films that all seemed to star Richard Chamberlain.  Since “Ivanhoe” is chock-filled with adventure and romance, […]

The Far Pavilions (1984)

More cheating.  “The Far Pavilions” aired on HBO in 1984, the cable network’s first miniseries.  However, it’s an HBO miniseries in name only.  It follows all the conventions of a network miniseries to the letter, setting a high standard of quality for coming HBO miniseries, but not at all setting a format.  I don’t mean […]

ESSENTIAL TELEMOVIES: The Woman He Loved (1988)

Technically, “The Woman He Loved” is not a miniseries by my definition because it was a one-night movie that only ran about two hours with commercials (100 minutes, but different VHS and DVD versions have different cuts).  But, because Jane Seymour is the defining actress of the genre being discussed, taking a detour to watch […]

Poor Little Rich Girl: The Barbara Hutton Story (1987)

I think most would say that Farrah Fawcett gave two very good performances: The Burning Bed and Small Sacrifices.  I’ll give her one of those, but I actually think her best performance is here in “Poor Little Rich Girl: The Barbara Hutton Story,” a sudser that is a gift to any actress because Barbara Hutton’s […]

Monte Carlo (1986)

For those who like their war stories dripping in glamour, or at least the illusion of glamour, there is “Monte Carlo” an utterly ridiculous piece about shenanigans in that pleasure capital during World War II.  Believe it or not, “Monte Carlo” has just about everything the serious war miniseries have (Nazis, heroes, diamonds and spies), but […]

Holocaust (1978)

In order to even considering making “Holocaust,” I would think that the powers behind it needed assurance themselves that this was going to be a first-rate project, something honorable, critic-proof and engaging to audiences who could easily have turned away in disgust.  After all, if they came up with a 7.5-hour mistake or even a […]