Miniseries Marathon
The miniseries and I were made for each other, long-winded and going on forever!

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Masada (1981)

No offense to the wars or the soldiers who fought in them, but thank goodness we have a war miniseries that is not about World War II or The Civil War.  “Masada” reaches back 2000 years to tell the story of the Jews fighting against Rome.  The outcome is as inevitable as the Confederates and […]

Alex Haley’s Queen (1993)

Try though they may, the miniseries powers-that-be could not milk the Alex Haley machine dry.  After “Roots” came “Roots: The Next Generation” and then that odd little Christmas movie.  But, that was all just one branch of his family.  “Alex Haley’s Queen” (the official title, as to separate it from “Queenie,” which is another miniseries completely, or […]