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Fresno (1986)

Ah, “Frenso.”  What the hell do we do with “Fresno?”  It’s definitely a miniseries, on the longer side no less (“Holocaust” is only an hour longer and that takes place over nearly a decade). It definitely has a slumming cast (everyone in it is slumming by virtue of showing up, but there are legends here who should […]

Wallenberg: A Hero’s Story (1985)

Richard Chamberlain is, of course, miniseries royalty.  Even if he had done just “The Thorn Birds” and “Shogun,” he would have that bragging right.  But, roles in “Centennial” and especially “Wallenberg: A Hero’s Story” are actually bigger acting gigs for him.  His dreamy looks (for the 70s and 80s) and romantic swagger were ideal for […]

Sinatra (1992)

If you idolized Frank Sinatra when he was lanky heartthrob, adored him as a Rat Pack leader or even felt the glow of nostalgia in his latter confusing years, the 1992 “Sinatra” is the miniseries for you.  If you want the truth, I suppose you should go find Kitty Kelly or Ray Liotta.  This “Sinatra” […]

Rage of Angels (1983)

One of the very first miniseries written about here was “Windmills of the Gods” (go back to December 2010 to read that one).  That one had Jaclyn Smith as the United States Ambassador to Romania, from the pages of Sidney Sheldon.  Typing that, and having seen it multiple times, it still doesn’t make sense.  Far […]

Jacqueline Susann’s Valley of the Dolls (1981)

Universally adored as perhaps THE ne plus ultra camp classic of all time, the 1967 film version of Jacqueline Susann’s smut-fueled roman a clef “Valley of the Dolls,” is one of those movies from which you cannot turn away.  It lures you in, traps you and won’t let you go.  For decades, you will be quoting […]

The Deliberate Stranger (1986)

Television Golden Boy Mark Harmon (still golden in his golden years on “NCIS”) plays serial killer Ted Bundy in “The Deliberate Stranger.”  Aired three years before Bundy’s death, it does lack the finale we all know, but it is instead allowed to go into the details of the crimes much more deeply.  I admit this […]

The Jacksons: An American Dream (1992)

Let’s face it: it’s nearly impossible to rerun most miniseries.  Can you imagine a network giving up valuable hours to rerun “Backstairs at the White House” because it’s a great historical record?  Who has the attention span anymore?  The cable miniseries are chopped up into small edible pieces.  HBO’s recent “Mildred Pierce” remake was done […]

Buffalo Girls (1995)

Back to the Wild West via Larry McMurtry and “Buffalo Girls.”  If you are expecting another “Lonesome Dove,” that’s a once-in-a-lifetime achievement.  “Buffalo Girls,” is just about the last gasp of the miniseries, trying to rope in history and everything else with a large budget before it all dried up like the prairie.  Actually, “Buffalo […]

Hollywood Wives (1985)

Do not miss a chance to watch “Hollywood Wives.”  I’m warning you now.  A riot from beginning to end, this is pure 1980s Americana, Reagan years excess, schlock to end all schlock.  Perhaps because it was her first book turned into a miniseries, but I can’t think of any reason this one is not called […]