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Lucky Chances (1990)

Forgive the awkward title, combining two Jackie Collins novels into one movie, because we come back to worship at the altar of Ms. Collins, after such success with “Hollywood Wives.” (   “Lucky Chances” brings to life Lucky Santangelo, Collins’ most beloved character, one who, at this writing in August 2011, is about to return to […]


In the period being discussed, roughly 1975-1995, the American miniseries took on some enormous topics, historical pageants and outrageous stories.  But, not everything deserved a multi-episode miniseries.  Some movies only needed one night and one sitting.  They are what we will call “Essential Telemovies.”  I’ve used two previously (“The Woman He Love” to show off […]

Queenie (1987)

Based on Michael Korda’s novel, “Queenie” takes the kernel of a family member’s story and fictionalizes it, though there is absolutely no reason to confuse “Queenie” with “Queen,” already discussed in these pages.  Maybe half-Indian/maybe not actress Merle Oberon (a relative of Korda’s and the flimsy basis of the story) certainly went through nothing compared to Alex Haley’s family […]

A Woman of Substance (1984)

The first of six miniseries based on the works of Barbara Taylor Bradford (two sets of three movies), “A Woman of Substance” is actually a British production that was aired first in the US in syndication, an oddity for sure.  However, it’s understandable that the networks did not snatch this one up greedily as it’s […]

Lincoln (1988)

Second only to World War II, we know how much the American miniseries adored The Civil War.  So, it was inevitable that it would get around to Abraham Lincoln, the man, not the guest star.  We’ve seen him in a few miniseries already, but only fleetingly.  This time, the story is all about him.  However, […]

Sins (1986)

Talk about timing!  I was sitting with an old VHS copy of “Sins,” when the DVD was released!  Lucky, huh? Anyway, “Sins” is wanna-be tawdry.  It’s a only-in-the-80s miniseries that flies from decade to decade, charting the rise of a successful model and publisher, who pushes through the roadblocks in her way (Nazis, rape, dead […]