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Wild Palms (1993)

I won’t say much about “Wild Palms” up front because it’s a sci-fi tale that needs to unravel before your eyes for you to believe it.  Not sci-fi like “The Martian Chronicles,” which was old-time B-movie science fiction or even “V,” which was big-budget Hollywood condensed for the small screen and perfectly sensible.  “Wild Palms” […]

A Woman Named Jackie (1991)

If you have to ask “Jackie who?” you might as well stop reading. C. David Heymann’s wildly popular dirt-digger on Jackie O comes to life with a literally breathless Roma Downey in a very good impersonation and all the Kennedy skeletons-in-closets you would ever want to know.  Jackie was still very much alive in 1991 […]

Billionaire Boys Club (1987)

Though it’s cast and presented like a Brat Pack movie, indeed “Billionaire Boys Club” is a true story, the very epitome of 80s excess: rich boys, lots of money, fancy cars, big-haired women, high living and, of course, murder.  The madness, the fashion, the music, it’s all here.  This is also a rare contemporary miniseries.  […]