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Rich Man, Poor Man (1976) Chapter 9

The brothers of “Rich Man, Poor Man” seem to be going through a change.  Who is good and who is bad?  It’s hard to tell.  Sure, Nick Nolte has to leave the country for pissing off the Mafia, but it’s self-protection.  It’s Peter Strauss as the hard-nosed businessman who is becoming less attractive.  Age and […]

Rich Man, Poor Man (1976) Chapter 8

“Rich Man, Poor Man” is a whole lot more exciting for the poor man right now.  Attracting trouble like a magnet, Nick Nolte re-entered the boxing world, still intent on finding his wife and kid, only to come up against Mafia-backed boxing superstar George Maharis, not to mention George’s sexually voracious wife.  By the time […]

Rich Man, Poor Man (1976) Chapter 7

Chapter 6 of “Rich Man, Poor Man” wasn’t good for couples.  Talia Shire took the baby and left Nick Nolte, which is actually a plus for the story.  Unfortunately, Susan Blakely’s sick child brought her and wayward spouse Bill Bixby closer together, pushing off the romance with Peter Strauss for which they both had been […]

Rich Man, Poor Man (1976) Chapter 6

The brothers stepped into manhood in Part 5 of “Rich Man, Poor Man.”  Nick Nolte, now a boxer, has become a father and Peter Strauss, caring for his invalid mother, is rising up the ranks at a department store, having graduated college at last.  Not doing quite as well is Susan Blakely, married to drunken […]

Rich Man, Poor Man (1976) Chapter 5

Chapter 5 starts things fresh in “Rich Man, Poor Man.”  Ed Asner has succumbed to his failures, having bailed Nick Nolte out of one last jam, pulling the rug out from Peter Strauss’ dream in the process.  However, Ed is the failure of the past and Nick is the failure of the present.  “Rich Man, […]

Rich Man, Poor Man (1976) Chapter 4

Episode 3 of “Rich Man, Poor Man” was something of a reminder episode, a chance to catch up with the characters without too much happening.  Peter is still trying to work his way through college, Susan is in NYC trying to become an actress and Nick is trying to make a life with family in […]

Rich Man, Poor Man (1976) Chapter 3

At the end of Chapter 2, Peter Strauss was joyous as the news that his hard-bitten father was giving him money for college as his wastrel brother Nick Nolte was shipped off to family in California to avoid the rap for a fire he started after seeing his brother’s girlfriend, Susan Blakely, in town robber […]

Rich Man, Poor Man (1976) Chapter 2

When we last left “Rich Man, Poor Man,” Susan Blakely was getting on a bus for a ride that could ruin her relationship with Peter Strauss, such a good boy that he can’t even fathom having sex with her.  His brother Nick Nolte easily could, and watching all of them is town buzzard Robert Reed, […]

Rich Man, Poor Man (1976) Chapter 1

NOTE: I will be posting notes about “this miniseries per episode rather than as a whole.  Hey, if TV can do it, so can I. It’s said that “Rich Man, Poor Man” is the first American miniseries.  Chronologically, that’s not true, but in terms of what it did for the genre, it’s hard to disagree.  […]

The Story of David (1976)

Back to the Bible, this time way back long before the New Testament, to “The Story of David.”  All I’ll say up front is that the story of David initially seems to be ripe for miniseries treatment, but without a budget, it’s bound to fail and that second act of David’s life is a total […]