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Malibu (1983)

“Malibu” boasts one of the best miniseries casts of slumming vets ever…and manages to waste them all!  Well let’s be fair it’s “Malibu” that is so hysterically awful that the vets don’t have much chance of shining, but they do their share of contributing to the glop of it all.  Notably, they are matched by […]

Rich Man, Poor Man (1976) Chapter 12–THE END (and insights)

We are at the end.  We’ve made it through the first acknowledged Great American Miniseries.  As we enter the final lap, some lives are fraying (Peter Strauss’ and Susan Blakely’s) and some are flying (Nick Nolte’s).  The problem child has wised up and become a dependable man with a son and a fiancee.  The once-dependable […]

Rich Man, Poor Man (1976) Chapter 11

Folks, we have hit the penultimate episode of “Rich Man, Poor Man.”  There are only about 90 minutes left to wrap up the story.  In Chapter 10, brothers Peter Strauss and Nick Nolte were reunited after many years to face the death of Mama Dorothy McGuire.  Peter won his election to the state senate, which […]

Rich Man, Poor Man (1976) Chapter 10

Once teenage dreamers, the three leads of “Rich Man, Poor Man” are about as adult as possible when Chapter 10 starts.  Peter Strauss is running for public office, supported in words, but not spirit, by his wife Susan Blakely, who has just miscarried, and Nick Nolte wants to leave the merchant marines to start a […]