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The miniseries and I were made for each other, long-winded and going on forever!

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King (1978)

  In 1983, President Reagan signed Martin Luther King Day into law.  It was not until 2000 that all 50 states observed it, with the state of Arizona (including Senator John McCain) spending most of the 80s trying to avoid it, along with the remaining hardcore racists like Jesse Helms of North Carolina.  Black History […]

I’ll Take Manhattan (1987)

Let this one stew around in your brain for a bit: “I’ll Take Manhattan” was the highest rated American miniseries of the 1986-1987 season.  That means more people watched this claptrap than “Kane and Abel,” “Rage of Angels: The Story Continues,” “Richest Man in the World: The Story of Aristotle Onassis,” “Amerika” and ALL FIVE […]

A Woman Called Golda (1982)

Israel’s first (and so far only) female Prime Minister, Golda Meir, was also one of the most important founders of Israel in 1948 as. She may have looked like someone’s grandmother, but there was a steely unflinching streak that allowed her to deal firmly with her hostile Arab neighbors and even stare down the United […]

A Tale of Two Cities (1980)

Let’s take a romp through literature again, shall we? “The Count of Monte-Cristo” (covered here: and the incorrect spelling is theirs, not mine) was done as a two-hour telemovie.  How?  How does a book most people use as a doorstop due to its size, get so shortened?  Well, in that case, it was pre-miniseries, in the […]

The Last Days of Pompeii (1984)

Believe it or not, and even I was starting to wonder, the American miniseries did not always took place in the 1860s or the 1940s.  Let’s get goofier, let’s get more glamorous and let’s bring on the cheese, but without the usual apologies from the dumbest of miniseries (“Beulah Land” or “Pearl” come to mind), […]

SEQUEL ALERT: Heaven and Hell: North and South, Book 3

Oh, I know, the fact that I’m referring to “Heaven and Hell, North and South, Book 3” as a sequel is not going to sit well with everyone. The “North and South” novels of John Jakes came out in 1982, 1984 and 1987.  Miniseries of Books 1 and 2 had both aired by mid-1986.  Why […]

LBJ: The Early Years (1987)

This one is for my father, still in awe of President Johnson, whose inauguration he attended, and can never learn enough about him.  We may not always agree on what makes for the most interesting history, but I learned from him to keep trying because someday, I might just figure it out. Lyndon Johnson is […]

Amerika (1987)–Marathon Entry #100

One hundred miniseries have been jotted down here for everyone’s amusement or education (or notes for my proposed book).  I can’t believe it.  And there are sooooooo many more to do.  I will keep at it.  I rather idiotically said I would give myself a year for this. It will be two years in December. […]

V (1983)

As we have seen before, oddball miniseries that aren’t history, romance or adventure (though I consider them the latter), can be a mixed bag for viewers. Wild Palms is an attempt to just be downright strange, From the Dead of Night is far too bland, The Martian Chronicles is in the top ten stupidest things ever to appear on […]


It is entirely possible that “An Early Frost” may be the greatest telemovie ever aired by the networks.  Whoever made the decision to keep it to a one-night affair instead of stretching it longer was a genius.  It’s 1985 and this is the first time AIDS is discussed, so it’s better to grab people once […]