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Wild Palms (1993)

I won’t say much about “Wild Palms” up front because it’s a sci-fi tale that needs to unravel before your eyes for you to believe it.  Not sci-fi like “The Martian Chronicles,” which was old-time B-movie science fiction or even “V,” which was big-budget Hollywood condensed for the small screen and perfectly sensible.  “Wild Palms” […]

Blood & Orchids (1986)

Hawaii in 1937 does not initially look like a fantasy, and it won’t through “Blood & Orchids.”  In fact, the first scene shows four hardworking native lads toiling in sugar cane fields.  The day over, they go out for the night with some alcohol.  Their night is not nearly as formal as the one spent […]

WHAT IS THE REST OF THE WORLD UP TO?: A Town Like Alice (1981)

Technically, “A Town Like Alice” disqualifies from our discussion because it was not produced in the United States and was actually shown on PBS rather than network television when aired in the US.  But, at a time when the American miniseries was dominant world-wide, even an British/Australian miniseries was starting to act almost American in its output.  […]

Buffalo Girls (1995)

Back to the Wild West via Larry McMurtry and “Buffalo Girls.”  If you are expecting another “Lonesome Dove,” that’s a once-in-a-lifetime achievement.  “Buffalo Girls,” is just about the last gasp of the miniseries, trying to rope in history and everything else with a large budget before it all dried up like the prairie.  Actually, “Buffalo […]

The Martian Chronicles (1980)

Based on the works of Ray Bradbury, “The Martian Chronicles” may well be the most idiotic miniseries ever aired on American television.  It’s not the tackiest (that would be “Lace,” which is great fun), it’s not the most boring (that would be…oh, hell, there’s way too much competition to pick just one), but maybe, just maybe, the […]

The Women of Brewster Place (1989)

“The Women of Brewster Place” is one of those when-bad-things-happen-to-good-people-and-happen-and-happen-and-happen sagas, but this one tops ’em all because it doesn’t pick just one social inequity with which to challenge our minds; it uses them all!  Racism?  Check.  Sexism?  Check.  Ageism?  Check?  Gender inequality?  Check (both hetero- and homosexual).  Impressively, it crunches them all together into a confined sense […]

North and South, Book 2 (1986)

I am purposely avoiding miniseries sequels at the time I write about the originals because the comparisons are not fair, in most cases.  “Rich Man, Poor Man Book 2” is so unbelievably boring and “Lace II” completely lacks the cheesy charms of its predecessor.  However, “North and South Book 2” might as well be done alongside the […]

North and South, Book 1 (1985)

What Herman Wouk is to World War II miniseries, John Jakes is to Civil War miniseries, and that would be the inspiration to make the heftiest movies devoted to the subject.  Herman Wouk managed about 40 hours out of two novels, but John Jakes had three novels and got less time (let’s be fair–World War II went […]

Lonsesome Dove (1989)

I remember watching the 1989 Emmy Awards and when the winner for “Outstanding Miniseries” was announced, not only did I register shock, but it seemed so did everyone in the audience.  “War and Remembrance” was the winner, but who was expecting that?  It’s certainly one of the biggest and most expansive, but 1989 was the […]

Stephen King’s It (1990)

Alex Haley isn’t the only author whose name can help sell a miniseries.  Stephen King, a worldwide favorite, had a slew of miniseries made from his books, though “It” is the best of the lot, appropriately scary and definitely creepy, but with King’s unique sense of humor intact.  And an evil clown.  You can’t top […]