Miniseries Marathon
The miniseries and I were made for each other, long-winded and going on forever!

Hold the Dream (1986)

Gallia est omnis divisa in partes tres. Hey, it’s it’s good enough for Gaul and Caesar, it’s good enough for Barbara Taylor Bradford. Emma Harte est omnis divisa in partes tres. We’ve seen A Woman of Substance.  Now it’s time for the second part of the Emma Harte saga.  If Bradford is not as flashy as […]

Evergreen (1985)

I must admit I’m biased when it comes to “Evergreen” because I watched it three times when it originally aired.  A ban on watching television during the week in my household did not include taping programs and watching them on the weekends or holidays.  And thus, for some reason, I really connected to “Evergreen.” However, […]

Liz: The Elizabeth Taylor Story (1995)

In the years leading up to her death in 2011, Elizabeth Taylor said over and over she hated the idea of a movie being made of her life.  As ideal as a movie of the world’s greatest movie star (notice I didn’t say actress, even Liz wouldn’t have claimed that) would be, given the marriages, […]

Baby M (1988)

Those who remember the 80s almost have to remember Baby M.  Granted, there were a lot of babies to get through.  There was Baby Jessica, who fell down a well and was there for what seemed like days while we held our collective breaths.  There was poor tragic Baby Faye who was given no chance […]

Haywire (1980)

It can be argued that Lee Remick never gave a bad performance.  We have already seen her in Nutcracker: Money, Madness, Murder, where she gave one of the greatest miniseries performances of all time in a true story. That may have been Lee’s best work, but wait until you see “Haywire,” where Lee plays actress Margaret […]

ESSENTIAL TELEMOVIES: The Count of Monte-Cristo (975)

There are a lot of filmed versions of Dumas’ “The Count of Monte Cristo,” which is one of the world’s greatest novels, for my money, perhaps the best French novel (no offense to Proust or Balzac, but this one is, a mon avis, so absolutely perfect that even translations of it keep it fully intact […]

Princess Daisy (1983)

Get out your schmaltz shovels, my friends, we’re back in the land of Judith Krantz. This time, we shall spare ourselves the introduction by Krantz herself and take our chances that somehow, collective brains working overtime, we will find a way to understand “Princess Daisy” without her.  I know, it will be a challenge, but […]

The Sacketts (1979)

(Note: When “The Sacketts” aired, the run time was approximately six hours, but the video and DVD releases are only three hours; these notes are based on the DVD release.) It’s actually surprising that there were not more miniseries based on Louis L’Amour novels.  After all, he wrote about 6,000 books each year of his […]

Pearl (1978)

My friends, it’s been a long time since we sifted our way through a World War II miniseries, and there are only about 407 more to get through, so let’s just jump right into “Pearl.”  As in the harbor.  As in you know exactly what is going to happen before we even start because we […]

Malibu (1983)

“Malibu” boasts one of the best miniseries casts of slumming vets ever…and manages to waste them all!  Well let’s be fair it’s “Malibu” that is so hysterically awful that the vets don’t have much chance of shining, but they do their share of contributing to the glop of it all.  Notably, they are matched by […]